It is optimal to make an appointment one week in advance, however, it is possible to get a free date during the same week. The initial examination is charged if there is no continued cooperation. In the case the cooperation continues, the examination costs will be included in the price of the work.

It is optimal to bring your child for the first dental examination at the age between two and three years. Of course, parents must be aware that sometimes several visits with the child are required to have something done. It is better to make several visits than only one, because the first contact with the dentist is the most important one for the future.

There are many factors that influence cavities. The cause for cavities itself is Streptococcus mutans, normally found in the oral cavity, which however becomes a pathogen and harmful for the teeth when the conditions in the oral cavity change (change of pH). It is difficult to indicate the one thing that needs to be done to prevent cavities, but certainly you MUST REGULARLY:
– maintain oral hygiene, including teeth brushing three times a day, use of antiseptic mouthwash, use of interdental cleaners such as floss, shower or interdental brushes,
– visit your dentist regularly, at least twice a year,
– avoid too much carbonated beverages, sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Definitely, but it is of highest importance that you don’t wash it or put it in alcohol or similar disinfectant. You should put your tooth in milk or normal saline or even under your tongue and visit immediately your dentist. Some pharmacies sell special boxes for broken teeth containing special liquids.

You will get the answer after you visit your dentist, who will make all the necessary analyses, including X-ray imaging (panoramic dental x-ray or CBCT ), and decide on whether you can have an implant, and if so, determine the type i.e. length and diameter.

This is not possible, if you have them placed, they will not last long. The reason is that due to the loss of lateral teeth you lost the vertical dimension i.e. the height of the bite and the front teeth are much more strained. Veneers cannot endure such strain or forces. First you should have replaced the missing lateral teeth and then move on to fixing the front teeth.

There are two types of veneers, those which require grinding and those which do not require such a procedure. Veneers without grinding are used when the shape and not the colour of the tooth should be changed, they are extremely thin and therefore unsuitable for colour change.

The best solution in such a case is to place at least two implants per jaw with so-called locators that hold the denture in place, providing stability.

If you have no problems, especially chronic ones, you should visit your doctor of dental medicine twice a year, but at least once.

The most ideal method is the one that is performed at the dental office by a professional. There are various methods of teeth whitening, depending on the shade you want to achieve.

Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure of removing the infection on the very top of the root canal i.e. on the apex, thus the term apicoectomy. It is a very simple procedure, painless and short. You will get a few stiches that will be removed within 7-10 days

There are two solutions, either ceramic veneers with or without grinding or direct composite restoration. Ceramic veneers are the more durable solution because they do not change colour with time and look more aesthetically pleasing.

If it makes you feel any better, a lot of people do not feel comfortable when visiting the dentist, but one thing is for sure: today, dentist have a lot more auxiliary means and methods which they apply so you don’t feel any pain. Their focus is on the patient and they take all measures necessary to make you feel comfortable and no pain.