Although transparent braces are not new in our practice, the ClearCorrect brand from the Straumann Group completely delighted us, so we decided to introduce it to the already rich offer of our dental practice.

ClearCorrect is for all those who are not fans of classic metal braces, and want to have beautiful and healthy teeth. Because straight teeth not only look better, they also have a better function. Poorly arranged teeth can interfere with the function of the bite, they can wear out faster and are more prone to caries.

When transparent braces were created, the age of patients who decided to have their teeth corrected has also changed, so that about a quarter of all orthodontic patients are adult patients.

Nearly 80 percent of adults who straightened their teeth said it was one of the most significant transformations they have ever made. More than 90 percent said straight teeth have a positive effect on their self-esteem, while about 75 percent said they see at least some positive impact on their lives as a result of teeth straightening.

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How and when was ClearCorrect created?

ClearCorrect was founded by a dentist in 2006 who had over 400 patients who needed to complete their teeth straightening treatment with transparent braces, but no one was making them.

So Dr. Willis Pumphrey took extra steps for his patients: he founded his own company that would make transparent braces for them. One by one, other dentists signed up to try out Dr. Pumphrey’s solution and ClearCorrect began to evolve.

To date, ClearCorrect has collaborated with tens of thousands of dentists around the world who have delivered literally millions of clear braces to their patients. At ClearCorrect, the priority was to listen to dentists and patients and put their needs first. That’s what has kept them in business for over 12 years and so they know they will always be here.

ClearCorrect is one of the brands of the Straumann Group, a Swiss company recognized for quality, precision and innovation, and best known as a global leader in implantology.

How does ClearCorrect actually work?

When using the ClearCorrect braces, you wear the braces over your upper and/or lower teeth. ClearCorrect applies targeted pressure to your teeth, gradually moving your teeth to straighten them.

ClearCorrect braces must be worn 22 hours a day, 7 days a week, all day and night, except when brushing your teeth, eating or drinking. Under no circumstances should you drink hot beverages while wearing ClearCorrect.

Wearing ClearCorrect braces is not painful, although you may sometimes feel tension due to the pressure on your teeth that is needed to straighten your teeth.

The speed of results when wearing ClearCorrecta aligners varies from case to case because no two treatment plans are the same. But generally speaking, you will notice movement almost immediately.

How often a person needs to replace braces and how much braces they eventually need during the treatment process depends on the severity of the problem and the type of treatment the person chooses.

In most cases, you will receive a new set of braces every two weeks, and thanks to the scanner and virtual 3D program (virtual set-up) you can find out in advance how much your teeth will align with wearing the next set of ClearCorrect braces and follow each step of your treatment.

ClearCorrect has two treatment options:

ClearCorrect ONE: The patient receives exactly as many sets of aligners as he needs to straighten his teeth for up to a year. Many procedures with transparent braces can be completed in a year or less and this option is ideal for such patients.

Clear Correct UNLIMITED: An unlimited plan provides the patient with as many braces as needed to completely correct the problem, and this option lasts for as long as five years. Patients with severe malocclusion problems will get the best results with this option. It is also ideal in case of relapse or unexpected costs.

ClearCorrect – Invisible braces vs. fixed metal braces

  • Shorter time wearing the braces
  • Better visibility of the condition of the teeth (caries or pigmentation) – it is easier for our dentist to notice any changes in your teeth when the braces are mobile
  • Better and easier maintenance of dental hygiene – no obstructions to flossing or brushing
  • There are no stains on the teeth and disturbances in the structure of the enamel – without the white stains that often occur when wearing fixed metal braces
  • They are comfortable – compared to traditional wires and brackets, transparent braces are more comfortable
  • Discreet – they are almost invisible and there is no shame in wearing them, which is great for any age and profession, especially for adults. They show your smile so people around you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.
  • Thanks to the scanning of the teeth, we monitor the movement of each tooth in a controlled manner

ClearCorrect does not contain BPA and is environmentally friendly

ClearCorrect braces are specially formulated, made of FDA-approved plastic containing polyurethane resin. This high-quality material is BPA-free and makes ClearCorrect resistant to stresses, stains and cracks, while providing excellent clarity so they are almost invisible. And because ClearCorrect braces do not contain harmful chemicals, they are safe for use by everyone, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

In addition to being safe and BPA-free, ClearCorrect is also environmentally friendly. Not only are recyclable materials used during the manufacturing and packaging process, but ClearCorrect also ships its products in biodegradable plastic bags and proudly participates in recycling programs.

How does ClearCorrect actually work