Oral medicine

The basis of every procedure is the first dental exam and establishing a correct diagnosis. Only then can a correct treatment be set. Sometimes only one treatment, being the best option for that situation, will suffice, but sometimes patients can choose between several kinds of treatments, depending on their wishes and financial possibilities.

X-ray imaging and intraoral cameras are some of the diagnostic tools we use in order to establish a diagnosis in a more precise and easier way.

Without a doubt, the strongest branch of our practice is the cosmetic dentistry. And this is not just a trend – we see it as a way of preserving the biggest part of healthy dental tissue and subsequently extending the longevity of the teeth.

To make your smile as harmonious as possible, we offer you direct composite veneers made in our practice by composite layering in several shades, or indirect ceramic veneers – made of pressed ceramic or feldspathic porcelain – with or without teeth drilling.

Our range of services also includes making of full crowns and bridges – zirconium, all ceramics, metal ceramics and composites, with inlays and onlays of same materials.

We are especially proud of the fact that we offer warranties for dental works and procedures done using CARA technology – up to 10 years for metal constructions and up to 20 years for implant superstructures. What is CARA technology? It is a technology that creates precise computer models, based on the patient’s mould.

Dental prosthetics partially falls under cosmetic dentistry because it is a way to replace the loss of dental tissue and teeth in the frontal region.

There are two categories of dental prosthesis – fixed and removable. Fixed replacements are permanently attached using cement and cannot be taken out like crowns and bridges. In our dental practice, we offer crowns and bridges made of zirconium, ceramics, metal ceramics and composites. We offer a 10-year warranty for zirconium and metal constructions made using CARA technology and each patient receives a booklet with a procedure description, the date it was done and the warranty.

Removable prosthetics are dental restorations that can be removed, and this includes wironit dentures and partial or full acrylic dentures. We offer the possibility of creating individual dentures made of higher quality teeth and individual gingiva.

We would like to point out the warranty we offer for our prosthetics, which are scanned and sent to Germany, from where, based on that data, we receive a (precisely created) finished framework with a model. The warranties depend on the material used for the prosthetics: for metal they last 10 years, and for zirconium 20.

Replacement of a missing tooth or teeth is possible with implants. In our dental practice, in cooperation with prominent professors from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, we offer the service of creating the highest quality implants (Nobel, Straumann).

One of our methods can be especially interesting for toothless patients, where a superstructure of all teeth is created upon four implants using the special technology I-BRIDGE.

The I-BRIDGE method uses precise scanning, creating a computer model for a superstructure (zirconium or metal) onto which zirconium or porcelain teeth are individually made in a laboratory.

The warranty for the superstructure made using the I-BRIDGE method is 20 years. The patient also receives a booklet with basic information and the warranty.

Endodontics is one of the most important branches of dentistry because it saves the tooth from extraction and prolongs its lifespan.

Alongside the classic manual method, we always use the mechanical, much simpler method. Mechanical endodontics reduces the possibility of infection spreading towards the tip of the root (periapical infection), with a minimal possibility of failure. The entire procedure is completed in one visit and entirely pain-free.

Periodontology deals with the treatment of the supportive structures of teeth – the periodontium.

Oral hygiene and proper care are the prerequisite for having a healthy periodontium. Proper care implies regular dental exams every six months, ultrasonic scaling of tooth deposits (plaque) and sandblasting of tooth surface. Another crucial step is to educate patients on proper ways to brush their teeth, choice of toothbrushes and the correct use of dental floss.

A periodontist in our dental practice treats more problematic cases of advanced periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis).

Oral surgery most commonly involves tooth extractions (pulling), but also different kinds of surgical procedures – apicoectomy, cyst removal, extraction of impacted teeth, sinus lift, bone grafting, alveotomy and even implantology.

Orthodontics is a specialty discipline. In our dental practice we have an orthodontic specialist who performs all possible kinds of treatments. The most common orthodontic treatment are fixed braces which can solve every problem for patients of every age and profession, using the most contemporary methods of treatment.

Depending on indications, the best and most efficient treatment is chosen individually for each patient.

Pediatric dentistry should be taken very seriously. The youngest patients demand a lot of time and effort. Trust is the hardest thing to earn. If they are approached in the right way and satisfied with the way they are treated, they become our regular patients.

Primary (baby) teeth are treated same as permanent ones; it is important to start with preventive measures and adopt the habit of dental visits and correct dental hygiene.

It is generally recommended that a child be seen by a dentist by the age of 2.